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Berne, October 20: The UPU holds its first Innovation Forum

The UPU's Postal Operations Council (POC) is launching its first Innovation Forum. Its aim is to encourage innovation in the postal sector and it will take place every year from now on.

Jean-Paul FORCEVILLE, as chairman of the POC, wanted this forum to be created. He discribes innovation as a key factor in the postal sector's development in response to the escalating rivalry, the ecological transition, and societal demands.

Regulation and the development of new services are the main topics of discussion. They emphasize the value of a cooperative and shared approach to fostering innovation between institutions with varying levels of experience, as well as between industry thinkers, innovators, and Posts.

With this conference, Jean-Paul FORCEVILLE intends to "promote the work already being done in the Commissions and working groups and to act as a catalyst for the formation of alliances between the many stakeholders in the sector".


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