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Business Round Table

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Jean-Paul FORCEVILLE says :

« European and Japanese companies are strengthening their ties on the key issues of green and digital transformation »

(Jean-Paul Forceville, Thierry Breton, Philippe Wahl)

On 4 November 2021, the annual meeting of the EU-Japan Business Round-table (BRT) was held. Philippe Wahl, CEO of La Poste Group, co-chairs the BRT. Jean-Paul FORCEVILLE, his special advisor (sherpa), directly contributed to the success of this high-level event.

This meeting, partly organised in Brussels, brought together more than 260 participants, including leaders of large European and Japanese companies and SMEs, and representatives of public authorities. It was also the opportunity to welcome Commissioner Breton who spoke on the challenges of digital transformation and to whom the BRT 2021 recommendations were officially handed over.

The meeting covered key issues for the EU and Japan with many interventions from leaders on trade and regulatory cooperation between the EU and Japan, the green alliance between the 2 entities and digital transformation. For the first time, BRT also welcomed US representatives with a trilateral session on industrial cooperation on green growth.


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