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Discussion with Elected UPU DG and POC Chair

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

16 November 2021 - Jean-Paul FORCEVILLE (Chair of the POC) and Marjan OSVALD (Deputy Director General-elect of the UPU) answered questions from members of the UPU Affairs Committee (UAC) of PostEurop.

A few days before the S0 session of the POC and the CA, in front of an audience of 50 participants, Jean-Paul FORCEVILLE thanked the European Posts for their support for his election as POC Chairman.

Jean-Paul FORCEVILLE underlined the excellent work done by his predecessor, Mr. Masahiko METOKI during the last 9 years. During his term of office, he will take into account the evolution of the postal sector, the new governance of the UPU with a more inclusive POC with its now 48 members and 4 vice-chairs.

The relationship of the POC with the CA is essential, be it through "joint" working groups or any other means. In particular, the POC will work on the issue of openning-up and should reflect on how to move forward in the very next session.


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