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First meeting of the Quality of Service Fund Board

The Board of the Quality of Service Fund (QSF) met in Berne from 9 to 11 February. It examined the applications for project funding and the reports on the implementation of completed operations.

Among the issues on the agenda, there were numerous requests for the purchase of vehicles, computer equipment and the evolution of information systems.

The joint project "Capture and transmission of EAD messages (electronic advanced data) involving 144 countries, was the subject of a progress report.

All these projects from the four corners of the globe are aimed at strengthening network interoperability and the quality of services offered to customers.

Elected member of the QSF Council, Jean-Paul Forceville stresses: "The QSF is an essential mechanism for the UPU and for the postal community, as it enables beneficiary Posts to modernize, keep up with technological developments and take environmental concerns into account."


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