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High-level meeting between France and China on postal issues on 12 April

Mr MA Junsheng, Director General of the State Post Bureau and Mr Philippe WAHL, CEO of La Poste, Groupe exchanged views on the major issues of the Universal Postal Union and on bilateral postal relations.

They gave a very positive assessment of the cooperation between France and China during the previous cycle (2016-2021), stressing that it had enabled good progress on products and remuneration, and that it had also led to satisfactory developments in the governance of the UPU.

Turning to the outlook for the next four years, the two leaders agreed that it was necessary and important to continue this cooperation on the subject of opening up the Union, guaranteeing the universal postal service, as well as on the development of products, innovation, and social and environmental responsibility.

The two leaders said "Jean Paul FORCEVILLE and DONG Hongmei, Managing Director of International Business, China Post Group, cooperated well as Committee co-chairs in the previous cycle and will continue to do so as Chairman and Vice-Chairperson of the POC."


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