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Innovation, a postal duty

The constant search for improvements to the existing is the essence of innovation. Posts must innovate to adapt to change and be part of it. This is why the UPU has already mobilized for the development of electronic services.

The creation of the ". POST" is a concrete example. This domain name, created in 2012, provides a secure and safe space for the provision of digital services by Posts. It enables fruitful partnerships for new customer services.

In addition, artificial intelligence based on advanced data processing allows for more efficient logistics. For example, the flashing of items allows data to be retrieved and used to help speed up the process of transporting, sorting and delivering mail and packages. Artificial intelligence also contributes to the facilitation of customs procedures (early warning, taxation...).

For the next 4 years, a CEP commission has been mandated to work on innovation. It should allow the sharing of experience and emulation within the postal community as well as the development of new projects.

The Postal Technology Centre is increasingly dedicated to researching innovations and developing new digital solutions. Thanks to these combined actions, we can continue to improve the quality of service and meet the expectations of our customers and our companies.


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