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Jean-Paul Forceville attended the 24th PUASP Congress in Curacao.

19-20 October

He shared some messages with the audience about the key issues of the moment, including the importance of being able to offer a follow-up product to customers. He regretted that the proposal could not be validated in Abidjan.

On the subject of the opening, “It is necessary to keep the momentum to find a beneficial solution for all postal operators and actors as a whole by the extraordinary Congress of 2023”, he declared.

He gave an update on the work of the POC and called on all PUASP member countries to follow and participate in the work, using the hybrid mode if necessary.

Jean-Paul Forceville thanked the President of the Congress and the Authorities of Curaçao for their warm welcome as well as the PUASP with which La Poste and PostEurop maintain close relations. Finally, he thanked the countries of the region that voted for him and expressed his confidence that he would accomplish his mission by involving more and more member countries in the work to come.


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