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Jean-Paul Forceville, Chairman of POC, stresses the importance of Posts at the G20 summit in India

Jean-Paul Forceville speaks at the G20 summit in New Delhi about the role of Posts, trends in the sector and the challenges they face.

Posts are more than just delivery services. As true public services, they provide human proximity in an increasingly digital world. They play a major role in the development of territories.

In terms of trends, the development of e-commerce, which is expected to continue, offers considerable opportunities.

Posts have many challenges to overcome. Jean-Paul Forceville mentiones in particular the changing needs of customers, the planet protection through green deliveries, and new regulatory requirements.

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) is the first forum for cooperation to ensure a truly universal network, offering products and services that are up to date. A lot of work is done within the Postal Operations Council on issues such as customs, transport, security and standardization. The POC also focuses on new services creation, the development of more sustainable and socially responsible products and production processes. Environmental issues will be the matter of a report at the next UPU Extraordinary Congress in Riyadh in next October.

Jean-Paul Forceville thanks India and greets this G20 conference. Posts and governments of the G20 have the power and duty to shape the future of the postal world.


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