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Jean-Paul Forceville spoke at the UPU World Leaders Forum, October 11, 2021

The theme of this year's forum was "One Ocean, Many Currents - Facilitating Sustainable Global Trade". More than 150 people logged on to the event, which addressed the future of the postal sector in the post-Covid world. Digital transformation, diversification and the development of partnerships gave encouraging perspectives.

A few days ahead of the COP26, the testimonies of a number of postal leaders pointed the way to a more sustainable and responsible development.

Speaking to a panel of postal sector executives and partners, Jean-Paul Forceville recalled the diversity of the postal network and the UPU's role as a facilitator of solutions. In addition to the growth potential of e-commerce and financial services, which were recognized by all the speakers, Jean-Paul Forceville stressed that Posts could also rely on their physical presence, a real asset in an increasingly virtual world.


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