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Sustainable development: a vital emergency for our planet, an expectation of our societies

Hello everyone, today we will talk about sustainable development. This is a vital emergency for our planet and an expectation of our societies. As a specialized agency of the United Nations, the UPU is committed to achieving the sustainable development goals. It is committed to supporting postal operators worldwide in their efforts to move towards a low-carbon future.

Since 2012, the UPU has been using OSCAR (Tool ....), a tool developed by the UPU to assess, analyze and reduce the postal sector's impact on the climate.

At the 27th Congress, member countries unanimously adopted a resolution focusing on improving the UPU's action to combat climate change. For this new 2022-2025 cycle, the Postal Operations Council will look at the issue of greenhouse gases emitted by the postal sector, and possible mitigation measures throughout the supply chain. It will also study the creation of carbon-neutral international postal services.

The COP26 climate change conference has just ended. Let's prepare ourselves and face the environmental challenges facing our industry together, to contribute to a more sustainable world and to offer a sustainable model.


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