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The societal challenge: a need for trust

Hello everyone, for the last meeting in this series and to complement the previous ones, I am pleased to talk to you today about the societal challenges facing Posts worldwide.

The UPU pursues policies of development cooperation, technical assistance, risk management related to natural disasters, and financial inclusion of populations. It also pursues policies related to quality of life and health (witness the QSF and Post4Health initiatives). Board Committee 4 defines and oversees these activities. The PRC will be involved in identifying needs, proposing actions and participating in the implementation of these policies.

By their presence everywhere and for everyone, the posts make it possible to create, develop and guarantee the social link.

The health crisis of covid 19 has allowed us to reaffirm the existence of the main needs: the need for proximity, the need to accompany people in their life course, the need for trust.

Today more than ever, Posts are adapting to these new expectations in order to better meet them.

The worldwide postal network has demonstrated that it is an efficient and highly reliable system for supporting the development of companies, in complete security. All the projects carried out by the CEP, whether in terms of improving the supply chain, product ranges, environmental protection and innovation, or postal financial services, must meet this need.


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