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WCO-UPU Conference in Tokyo (June 6-8, 2023), Jean-Paul Forceville leads the EAD panel

The joint conference of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the UPU was attended by numerous customs and postal players. It was an opportunity for the Chairman of the POC to call for collective and concerted action.

In his role as moderator and host of the EAD (Electronic Advance Data) panel, Mr. Forceville expressed his pleasure at being able to facilitate relevant and constructive discussions. "It is essential that we cultivate a better understanding and cooperation between customs and postal operators", he said, underlining the importance of dialogue in overcoming common challenges.

Over three days, discussions focused on three major themes: the development of cooperation between customs and postal operators in the context of booming e-commerce, the widespread implementation of customs and security advance data by postal operators, and the sustainability of universal service missions.

Jean-Paul Forceville pointed out the importance of integrating the needs of citizens into discussions and decisions. "We must not forget citizens’ needs, and we have to continue to promote international trade", he said, recalling that the ultimate objective was to meet citizens' expectations while facilitating international trade.

As for solutions, Jean-Paul Forceville warned against a simplistic approach. "There is no turn key solution but gradual, albeit rapid, implementation should be considered". He argued for step-by-step change, with sufficient impetus to achieve the objectives within a reasonable timeframe.

This conference represents a landmark moment in efforts to reinforce cooperation between customs and postal operators. It testifies to the collective will to improve the fluidity and security of international trade, while emphasizing the need to meet the needs of citizens. This dynamic cooperation was confirmed by the signing of a joint declaration between the WCO and the UPU.


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