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A colorful reception

Dernière mise à jour : 23 août 2021

A colorful reception

The reception organized by France on the occasion of the 27th UPU Congress in Côte d'Ivoire was held at the residence of the French Embassy in Abidjan.

Mr. Jean-Christophe Belliard, Ambassador of France to Ivory Coast, and the entire French delegation present in Abidjan warmly welcomed "AKWABA" the Ivorian authorities, representatives of the UPU, and many other guests from other delegations present in Abidjan despite health restrictions.

Mr. Jean-Christophe Belliard, and Mr. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, and Mr. Philippe Wahl, Chairman and CEO of Le Groupe La Poste, expressed their thanks and congratulations to the Ivory Coast for having organized this 27th Congress in Africa (the 2nd UPU Congress in Africa) for the first time in its history, in both a physical and hybrid event. Mr. Roger Adom, Minister of State Modernization and Public Service Innovation, Mr. Bruno Nabagné Koné, Minister of Construction, Housing and Urban Planning honored the participants with their presence, they both reminded the close and historical cooperation between Ivory Coast and France to make this Congress possible in Abidjan.

They also reminded us of France's and La Poste Group's attachment, commitment and support for the UPU's universal values. France is a candidate for the Council of Administration and the Postal Operations Council.

Confronted with the governance challenges facing the UPU: the sustainability of its financing, its openness, but also to carry out its future work: the digitization of exchanges, ecological issues, remuneration, France reaffirms its commitment by presenting the candidacy of Mr. Jean-Paul Forceville for the presidency of the Postal Operations Council for the cycle of Abidjan 2021 - 2025.

All participants at this event were delighted, such as Mr. Isaac GNAMBA-YAO, CEO of the Ivorian Post, who received the booklet of stamps from the Groupe La Poste.

"The Groupe La Poste is pleased to testify, through this booklet, to France's unfailing commitment to the service of the world postal community".

Philippe Wahl

President and Chief Executive Officer of La Poste Group


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