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Elections at the 27th UPU Congress: Great victories for France

Dernière mise à jour : 3 sept. 2021

After being very well elected in her geographical area: "Western Europe", with 124 votes in the UPU Council of Administration (which has 40 members),

France, like the other 8 candidates from the Western European zone, was again elected by consensus to the Postal Operations Council (which has 48 members).

Later in the evening, France was again successful with the victory of Mr Jean-Paul Forceville as President of the Postal Operations Council for the Abidjan 2021-2025 cycle.

China had also campaigned in the person of Ms. Dong Hongmei for this position.

The 48 elected POC members cast their votes and the results were very close.

In the end, France won.

Speech by Jean-Paul Forceville on the podium:

"I would like to thank Côte d'Ivoire, the host country, the President and the International Bureau, as well as all the delegates.

By electing me, you are doing France and La Poste Group a great honor.

I am entering my 43rd year as a postal worker and this victory is in a way the crowning achievement of a career.

I would like to warmly welcome Mrs Dong Hongmei, candidate from China, with whom I had the pleasure to work for five years as co-chair of the POC Commission 2. Ms Dong Hongmei has run a great and difficult campaign, I would like to pay tribute to her here and I hope that she will not feel too bitter about this result, which does not diminish her professional qualities and talents.

We all need China, which is very important for postal exchanges and for our organization."

(Isaac Gnamba-Yao, new President of the Council of Administration and Jean-Paul Forceville, new President of the Postal Operations Council)

At the end of his speech, Mr Jean-Paul Forceville chaired the end of the meeting.

He was also thanked for his success by the UPU Secretary General, Mr. Bishar Hussein, as well as by the newly appointed UPU Secretary General, Mr. Masahiko Metoki (former POC Chairman).

Mr. Masahiko Metoki (Japan) and Mr. Marjan Osvald (Slovenia)

It was also a great victory for PostEurop, as Mr. Marjan Osvald was elected Vice-Director General of the UPU.

This new, united team is ready to take on the challenges of the organization for the next four years. The next Congress will be held in 2025 in Dubai.


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