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PostEurop virtual plenary on 8 October 2020

Dernière mise à jour : 16 oct. 2020

  • 2020 CSR Coups De Coeur Award ceremony :

Jean-Paul Forceville awards the CSRCoups de Cœur" trophies to the 4 winning posts.

He states : “Over the years, we have seen that CSR activities are a competitive advantage and a lever of innovation. They can bring new business opportunities for postal operators. The European Union has actually fully integrated CSR issues to its agenda. The Commission has set the Green Deal as one of its main priorities. Postal opera­tors are therefore in the best position to play a prominent role in the Green recovery. This year, the Covid 19 has even more highlighted the key social role of our industry.

You can watch the video of this ceremony on the following link :

Press release :

  • Innovation award :

During this plenary session, Jean-Paul Forceville also presented the innovation award, which for this 2020 edition rewards two winners ex aequo:

Press release :

La Poste Group for its "Neighborhood Services Area" initiative, an eco-system of local services, and Deutsche Post for its "Green Plan" program, a new platform for optimizing routes.

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