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Presentation at the WMX Europe conference on 16 June on postal perspectives in the post COVID world

After talking about the current trends in the postal sector, Jean-Paul Forceville showed that Le Groupe La Poste had been diversifying for a long time, and that it had already anticipated the decline of mail, the development of e-commerce and new societal expectations. The COVID-19 has been an accelerator of these trends.

Through the strategic plan "La Poste 2030, committed to you", Le Groupe La Poste aims to enable people and businesses to develop better in a world that is constantly changing.

These choices are reflected in the development of digital and responsible products and services and in the consideration of sustainable development requirements.

During the WMX conference, Jean-Paul Forceville stressed that the entire postal sector was mobilized in favour of sustainability. The UPU, IPC and PostEurop are all working towards sustainable development goals.

All the initiatives taken by Posts during the health crisis have highlighted their essential role in preserving social links and meeting citizens' needs.

To meet all expectations, it is essential to have a seamless worldwide postal network. In this regard, the UPU, which alone can build this unique network of 192 Posts, must be dynamic and efficient. The elections to be held in August should bring in a new team motivated to move the postal sector forward.


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